About Us

Waiʻeli, water that must be dug for. This brand serves as a voice for me to tell the moʻolelo (stories) I’ve attained through my education and experiences as a Kanaka Maoli. In my experience, moʻolelo are typically shared through ʻoli (chants) and hula (dances.) While I share a great appreciation for these beautiful vessels of telling our indigenous stories, Waiʻeli focuses on telling those ancient moʻolelo, and modern ones, through a more contemporary means. As a Hawaiʻi owned business, based in Lāʻie, I try to work as locally as possible. That means I make it a priority to print locally and to explore collaborations with other local artists.  I am committed to offering only the most premium apparel and accessories for kānaka and malihini alike. From the Hawaiian perspective, water is often associated with knowledge and wealth. Through Waiʻeli, I hope to dig up this wealthy reservoir of knowledge and share it with you.